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Our Last Word
.::fan project for Rentrer en Soi::.
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22nd-Jan-2009 07:13 pm - Final Post
hey everyone!
i just wanted to post in here one last time to let you all what happened to the scrapbook.

princess_orchyd was able to give it to them ^^ not in person, but she told me there was a box at the concert where fans could put in gifts and letters for RES and so she put it in that. so yes, RES did receive it, and i'm sure they were happy about it :)

once again, thank you very much everyone for making this project possible!

RES forever <3

11th-Dec-2008 04:29 pm - The Scrapbook has been mailed!!!!
I'm sorry it took me longer than what i originally planned to mail it out DX i actually didn't mail it out until TODAY because i was too busy with my final exams so i apologize everyone ^^;; but it will still reachprincess_orchyd  </lj>in plenty of time before the concert, so she will definitely be able to give it to ReS at their final show!! ^^ and i will make sure to ask her if she can get a pic of personally handing the scrapbook to ReS!!! of course, there is no guarantee that she will be allowed to take a pic, much less get the opportunity to give it to them directly, but if it happens, i will definitely make sure to make a post about it on here! :D

now onto the pics XDDD

So here is the scrapbook cover:

i know it's sorta hard to see, but the letters have little jewels on them 8D

close-up of cover pic which was kindly made by demeter </lj>

first page, which contains the message i wrote to ReS, explaining what the scrapbook is & how it was made by all of their foreign fans \:D/

and of course, i took pics of each page, so if you participated, i will be sending you a pic of what your submission looked like in the scrapbook~!!! i didn't want to post the submissions on here because i know some of you might not be comfortable with other people seeing them. if however you would like to share your submission, feel free to post it on here in the comments ^^

in total, there were 13 submissions. this really surprised me haha XD;; i didn't think there would be that many of you interested in doing this. so to all of you who did submit something, thank you very much!! i know a lot of you worked especially hard on your submissions and everyone got them to me on time which was great! so i really appreciate that ^^

haha let's just hope ReS appreciates all of our hard work too ne? XD

30th-Nov-2008 11:32 am - Last Day for Submissions!!!
today is the last day i will be accepting anything for the scrapbook so make sure to send me it today!! D: for those of you who i have received submissions from, i have replied back to your email. if i haven't, then that means i never received it DX so you may want to comment here or message me if that has happened.

and to let you all know, i WILL be taking pics of the scrapbook before i mail it out. i will take a pic of your page and send it to you ^^ btw, i won't share your page with anyone else so don't worry about others seeing your submission. i will also take a pic of the scrapbook cover and the first page, which i plan on writing a short letter to ReS in Japanese explaining what the scrapbook is XD;; the cover pic will be posted on the comm for everyone to see :D

i am going to try my best to mail this off as soon as possible, Friday at the absolute latest. so expect pics sometime next week!!

thank you to everyone who has already submitted something, all of the submissions have been great!!! ^^
20th-Nov-2008 12:46 pm - Small Due Date Change
I've just posted reminders about the project in both cinemacradle and last_x_word, but in case that you weren't aware, I've decided to extend the due date until Sunday November 30. However, please only submit me something late if you absolutely have to. I still would like to receive submissions by the original due date, NOVEMBER 25.

Also, no one responded to me about wanting to keep the DVD portion of the project, so I've decided to get rid of it. So the scrapbook option is the only option you can do now. If you have already made a vid, I will still include it. But at this point, it seems more people have been interested in the scrapbook rather than the DVD so I would prefer to receive scrapbook submissions.

17th-Nov-2008 08:26 am - DEADLINE FOR PROJECT NEXT WEEK
just a reminder that all submissions are DUE NEXT TUESDAY NOVEMBER 25.

i might be able to accept submissions a few days after the due date, but i cannot guarantee it, so please try to get to me your submissions on time. i've only received a few and i know there were a lot more of you interested in contributing something ;O;

oh and no one has submitted anything for the DVD portion of the project....was anyone still planning on doing that? if you are, could you let me know by replying to this post? ^^;; i just want to know in advance so i'll know if i need to purchase some blank DVDs. if everyone is going to be doing the scrapbook, then i'll just get rid of the DVD project XD;;

btw thanks to everyone who has already submitted something!! ^^ and sorry for the late email replies, i've been busy and i'm trying to respond as fast as possible, so if you don't get a response right away, don't freak out! XD

have a great week!

1st-Nov-2008 01:36 pm - Banners!
poisonwavehanna kindly made some banners that you all can use to promote the project!!

Check the profile page to see them and hopefully use them XD;;

Oh and the comm layout has been fixed now lol. The header now matches the rest of the layout XD
26th-Oct-2008 09:59 am - Letter Opportunity
In case you guys haven't seen it already, princess_orchyd will be attending Rentrer en Soi's handshake and signing session on 11/8. She is offering to give the guys letters from their foreign fans. This is something extra that you can do outside of this project. If you would like to write a letter to ReS, please click HERE for more info.
25th-Oct-2008 05:59 pm - Reminder
Just wanted to let you all know that you have exactly 1 more month to email me your submissions for the project!! *o* so far I haven't received any, but I hope to get some soon ^^
2nd-Oct-2008 06:42 pm - Quick Update
Hey everyone! haha, I haven't forgotten about this project yet LOL. so here's just a little update:

I finally bought the scrapbook yesterday! So now I can tell you all the dimensions of it XD The dimensions are 12x12 (inches) so if you want your photo/artwork submission to be bigger than 5x7 in as I originally posted in the rules, that's fine~ just bare in mind that I will need some space to write your message (depending on how long it is XD;;) but yeah...i'll resize the photos/artwork as need be, but I'll try to make them as large as possible! Also, there is a total of 20 pages, which means that 40 submissions can fit in it! I can of course buy more sheets for it if I need to, but as of now that should be plenty for everyone ne? XD

And the only other thing to announce is that the due date is going to have to be bumped up a bit earlier ^^;; All Entries must now be received by November 25!!! *o* i'm really sorry for this, but the old December 5 deadline is just not going to work out for me on account of all my college final exams being that week T^T, my JLPT test, and last minute preparation for my trip ><;; November 25 will give me plenty of time to put this together and ensure that it gets sent to Japan on time for ReS to receive it at their last live.

20th-Sep-2008 02:38 pm - A few changes made to the project...
Hey everyone! Once again, just to let you all know, this is where I will be posting updates about the project for now on. I didn't want to keep spamming last_x_word  & cinemacradle  with this, so I figured creating a comm for it was the best way to handle it ^^;;

One small change to the DVD is that your vid can now be 1 minute long. I realized that 15 seconds was just too short, so hopefully 1 minute will give you enough time to say what you want to the band~

Another change has been made to the scrapbook section as well~   :D   Since I   was getting a lot of comments about people wanting to do artwork for them, I decided that your submission to the scrapbook can be a picture of your artwork for ReS. Hopefully this will make many of you happy XD;;

And finally I   just wanted to let everyone know that I do not think I am of need of any more donations!! (yaaay XD;;) dino_face  kindly donated enough which I think will cover the entire project, so please thank her for her generous contribution! This project would have been a lot harder to achieve without this! Also, this scrapbook & DVD will be given to ReS (or at least their staff XD;;) at their last live...i contacted princess_orchyd  and she said she would gladly give it to them! so hopefully she will be able to hand it to them in person!!

Make sure to direct as many people as you can to this comm!!! I want to get as many fans to contribute to this as I   can! All entries are public and people who do not have an lj account may still make a submission as well.

All of these changes/updates can be found in the project outline post which I will make sure to update right away if I decide that any changes are to be made for this project.

I will update again once I have bought the scrapbook & materials to let you all know how many pages I'll have, etc. and thank you all once again for wanting to contribute to this! ^^

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